Leaving for India

A look back from my trip to India back in June of 2012!

I’m leaving for India tomorrow.  I still get shocked whenever I hear myself telling someone. When I mention the trip to people, I often get a  funny feeling in the back of my throat, like someone is tickling me.  My eyes often water in response, and this has left me thinking.  Do I still want to go?  Am I crazy for going to India alone? (I’ve never even been out of the country)  Is it ridiculous to take off and chase this dream?  This has been a dream of mine for years, but now that it is here, it is just as dreamlike as ever.  I won’t believe that it is real until I step off the plane at 4 a.m. in Thiruvananthapuram, India on Wednesday.  I have imagined that moment a couple of times and I am very curious to see what really happens when I step into the night air of the land I’ve always wanted to experience. Will I weep, will I laugh hysterically?  I’m really not sure.

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

The whole “not knowing” is part of the beauty of this trip.  I really have NO idea what to expect. Here is what I do know:  I’ll be going to Kerala, India for a 2 week program of ayurvedic immersion, to learn holistic medicine. Kerala, named one of the 10 most beautiful places in the world by NationalGeographic, is the southern tip of India and it is monsoon season. There will be one other participant (I hear she is from New York) and we will be led by Niika, an amazing woman from New Jersey.  Niika started Ayurveda Trip and Rasa Ayurveda after discovering this ancient healing art during a trip to India when she was 19.

“Dividing her time between East and West, Niika Quistgard is American by heritage, but proud to be an adopted child of India, too. A certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Niika has 13 years experience practicing, teaching and writing on Ayurveda–yoga’s sister-science of healing, happiness and vital longevity.” (taken from AyurvedaTrip.com)

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India, which originated there over 5,000 years ago. It is the first “medical system” in the world. Ayurveda emphasizes re-establishing balance in the body through diet, lifestyle, exercise, and body cleansing. While I am in India, I will be connecting with the spiritual culture of South India, and gaining a deeper understanding of my personal dharma of healing, receiving traditional Ayurvedic therapies so every person I work with can experience their own wholeness, taking hands-on courses in medicinal-oil and kizhi making, with medicinal plant identification and study and participating in sustaining living Ayurveda and her native plant medicine by connecting with Malayalee women and girls through The Muthashi Project to promote continued traditional medicine-making and therapies in local communities.

I’ve been obsessed with India for years: reading Indian novels, watching Indian movies, eating Indian foods, taking Indian dance classes.  Now that I am actually going to India, alone, I am anxious, excited, happy and overwhelmed. I am mostly grateful that I get to go on this adventure. I discovered this opportunity while reading a magazine for massage professionals.  There was a one sentence mention of Ayurveda Trip in an article I was reading. I was lying next to my daughter Tess as she slept and felt compelled to get out of bed to read more.  I got my cell phone and got back in bed to look up the program online.  After reading for about 5 minutes, I began to cry.  I knew in my heart that I was finally going to India. It was more overwhelming than anything else. I just KNEW that this was going to happen.  How I would save enough money, leave my business and most of all, be away from Tess for that long were all part of those tears.  I ended up staying up all night long – thinking, dreaming, crying and wishing, holding Tess as tight as I could.

I am going to India to bring back wonderful Ayurvedic techniques for my clients at staceyO studiO – Massage & Esthetics.  I am going to India to show my daughter that we can do anything we set our minds to and we can make dreams come true (even if our dreams make us hurt a little in the meanwhile, they are worth it).  I am also going to India to be still.  Anyone that knows me knows that I’ve had a a lot of big things happen in the past 10 years of my life.  A lot of triumphs, a good bit of tragedy, and every other emotion you can imagine sprinkled in there too.  Stillness and quiet are not a part of my life, at all.  I’m ready to be still for a little while so I can hear the answer to some questions I’ve been too loud to hear.

I know being away from Tess is going to be hard.  I also know that this trip is not going to be the standard stacey O adventure, where I will go and do wild and crazy things and come back happy and exhausted and jump back into work. There is something more to this adventure, something even better.  I think growth is going to be a big part of it. Growth is good, not always easy, but always good.

I just realized what that tickle in the back of my throat is.  The one that makes my eyes water when I talk about my trip.  It is joy, sneaky and subtle, but joy just the same.

New Epicuren Treatment at staceyO studiO – Valeur – Gentlemen’s Facial and Massage!!!

OK guys – I see plenty of you at staceyO studiO.  But about 90 percent of you come in for massage.  Massage is great – it lowers blood pressure, helps you sleep better, relaxes you and just feels REALLY good.  But did you know that facials can be just as relaxing?  My boyfriend was a facial AND massage virgin when I met him.  He now loves both, but actually picks a facial treatment more often than a massage when my busy schedule allows me to treat him.  We all agree massage is the bomb, but did you know the one thing you’re missing out on when you always pick massage over facials?  Glowing, healthy, younger looking skin!  To get some of you to step out of your massage comfort zone and try a facial, I’m adding a new treatment to my menu.  In honor of all the excellent men out there, I’m proud to introduce Valeur – Gentlemen’s Facial and Massage!

Valeur (French word for valor): Courageous, Brave, Heroic; these are the traits we celebrate in the men in our lives. This facial is a tribute to the classic gentlemen’s barber shop, where steaming hot towels and massage are staples of the experience.  A refreshing deep cleanse and thorough exfoliation lead to total relaxation as the stress and tension are worked out of your neck, shoulders and scalp. An exotic mix of precious oils such as Tobacco, Sandalwood, and Spruce are hand blended to create an aroma you will not be able to get enough of.

I’ll start by giving you a massage on the back-side of your body. Then I’ll flip you, do a face, neck and shoulder massage, cleanse, scrub and mask your face with amazing, world-famous Epicuren products, then do a massage on your legs and arms from the front. I’ll rinse you off and coat you in products for your skin type.  You will leave 75 minutes later feeling AND looking shiny, happy, and healthy!

In honor of Father’s Day, I’ll give you $10 off this new treatment during the month of June.  Tell your wife, children, etc. about this deal too.  They’ll get the discount when they buy you a gift certificate for the Valeur treament ($95, 75 minutes). Call me at (803) 348-5040 today!

Don’t forget to drink your water and wear your sunscreen!

I LOVE My Clients!

So last week I put out a post on Facebook asking people to share their good experiences at staceyO studiO. I was AMAZED at the response.  I am moved everyday by the support of my incredible clients.  It always reminds me of why I got into this biz in the first place – to make people feel good, look good and to share good energy.  I thought I would share a few of the responses.  xoxo

Stacey’s hands will melt away the stress! Just last week, I received an AMAZING massage from her!!! It reminded me a massage I received in Italy at a high-end spa. – Shana A.


Just booked another facial with Stacey Overstreet at StaceyO Studio. I started going to Stacey because she uses the same Epicuren products I fell in love with at the Grove Park, but Stacey’s facial far surpassed that of GPI. In addition to working wonders with my skin, she also erased a week’s worth of stress and anxiety in her session. Can’t wait until my facial next week! – Sydney H.

Stacey ROCKS MY FACE OFF in the best way! She makes an old face look new again and whenever I leave her I feel younger and cuter and I want to go dancing! She is the best Esthetician, she is knowedgeable, professional and she uses only the best products…not to mention she is super fun. – Emily M.


For massage and esthetics, StaceyO StudiO is the place for folks in the knOw. You’ll feel better from head to tOe. For real yO -Elan

Oh my goodness – if you have not tried StaceyO StudiO – you do not know what you are missing. Probably the best facials in town. Excellent, natural products are used. And if you want the ultimate relaxation – book a massage. www.staceyOstudiO.com go ahead and friend the studio! – georgette

I trust Stacey at staceyO studiO as my Esthetician. Her caring technique and approachable style make her my choice when I need a good back waxing  - ryan patrick kern

While Frieda may have looked good with a uni-brow, mine has been thankfully taken care of by Stacey Overstreet at www.staceyostudio.com.-  kathryyn van aernum

Columbia peeps~ Check out my friend, Stacey @ Gold’s Gym, she is great for all sorts of things~ Waxing those brows is one of her talents! Go see her! She’s great! – catherine savage

staceyO studiO – Massage & Esthetics is the only place where you can get the best massage and facial by the amazing and talented Stacey Overstreet! So proud of my fellow SEI alumni – heather centella

Shed evidence of passing years and erase footprints of our southern sun with the rejuvenating microdermabrasion series from the best esthetician in town, Stacey at StaceyOstudiO. I have loved alternating the microderm treatment with a relaxing facial. The best value for skin services in town! www.staceyOstudiO.com or friend StaceyO studiO – Massage & Esthetics. You will thank me when you see the results! – sally harding

I’ve had lots of facials in my life… but Stacey Overstreet was the first aesthetician that actually took the time to look at my face and recommend the best treatment for me… I had my first Microdermabrasion staceyO studiO – Massage & Esthetics and couldn’t believe how my skin glowed! Thanks Stacey!  - wendy nipper homeyer

Want to look younger? 14 years younger? This is the response I am getting from having chemical peels for the last three months. Friends from college say I haven’t aged. New clients think I am 21 or 22. Crazy… Call staceyO studiO – Massage & Esthetics for your fountain of youth. – carlie

need a good massage or skin treatment??? check out my friend stacey o’s website: http://www.staceyostudio.com/. she’s awesome awesome awesome!!! does a fantastic job and LOVES her work! located in gold’s gym forest acres. also, be sure to add her as your friend on facebook: staceyO studiO – massage and esthetics…. (AND she has a super cute logo by the way) – marjorie

Just booked another facial with Stacey Overstreet at StaceyO Studio. I started going to Stacey because she uses the same Epicuren products I fell in love with at the Grove Park, but Stacey’s facial far surpassed that of GPI. In addition to working wonders with my skin, she also erased a week’s worth of stress and anxiety in her session. Can’t wait until my facial next week!  - sidney heyward

Love StaceyO Studio in Gold’s Gym on Forest! Awesome facial and Stacey really knows her stuff. Can’t wait to go back! – taylor rider

Love, love, love staceyO studiO – Massage & Esthetics ! Stacey Overstreet is the best at taking the dirt & grime of the world off your face AND mind! – marcia rubino

Stacey O Studio, featured heavily on Columbia SC news reports about fighting aging with good skin care and soothing treatments, is run by one of the most amazing women you could meet. If you’re in Columbia, go see her. –  katherine roll