Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials

Hollywood's Secret Anti-Aging Technology Now In Columbia Exclusively at Stacey O. Studio!

This celebrity favorite is now available in Columbia exclusively at Stacey O. Studio! One of only 2 spas in South Carolina to have the most famous and original Oxygen Facial machine, Stacey and Bridget were trained by a NY celebrity esthetician and are excited to share this with their clients! This treatment, which has a cult following at places like The Four Seasons Spa and Nordstrom's Spa, utilizes hyperbaric, pure oxygen to push hyaluronic acid deep into the skin's cells -creating a plumper surface with tons of glow. 

Intraceuticals is an Australian company specializing in oxygen technology. Fans like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez made this facial famous and our Columbia clients are loving it too!

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial - Introductory Special $150

Add a Microdermabrasion for $40.  After a thorough cleansing and an enzyme exfoliation, we will begin the famous Intraceuticals process of using hyperbaric oxygen to get this patented, small molecular-sized hyaluronic acid deep into the skin cells. This treatment is completely painless and is cooling and relaxing. 45 minutes. 

Add-Ons - Atoxelene Infusion - Atoxelene Serum is designed specifically to refine the forehead, soften the eye contour, and immediately plump and smooth the lips.  The natural amino peptide, argireline significantly targets expression lines and increases skin firmness.  Skin instantly looks smoother and firmer and feels tighter without invasive injections - $50

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial Series - Pre-pay for 5, get the 6th free

 A series of 6 is recommended to get your skin picture perfect and dewy for weddings and special events. Best when done each week leading up to the event. 



"Last year for my birthday, my son and his girlfriend gave me a gift certificate for a facial at Stacey O. Studio.  It took me several months to book the appointment, as I am extremely cautious about treatments and products on my sensitive skin!   What a wonderful experience!!   I met Stacey and she recommended the new O2 facial.   This was the first facial that, as soon as the treatment was over, I could see a real, positive difference in the mirror.  In the last few months, I have recommended Stacey and the O2 facial to my friends and now they are clients!  Try it one time, you will see a difference, too!!"    

Paula B., Columbia

"I discovered Intraceuticals oxygen facials while in Napa, CA last summer. When I returned to Columbia, I researched our area to find a day spa that provided these wonderful treatments and found Stacey O. Studio! Not only did I enjoy the benefits of a series of incredible facials, but I learned a tremendous amount about my skin and the proper products for my customized skin care regimen. Stacey and Bridget have shown unparalleled personal service, from treatments to skin care product recommendations to make up tips and beyond. I highly recommend my friends at Stacey O. Studio for all of your skin care and massage therapy needs!"  

Haley F., Columbia

"I just want to say that Intraceuticals Oxygen treatment was the best facial ever and I have LOVED my skin since I saw you! Like- WOWZA!!!  

Melissa G., Columbia

"Intraceuticals oxygen facials are a must after a long night out or a vacation in the sun. It hydrates my skin like nothing else and keeps it soft and luminous. My girlfriends and I are addicted." 

Chelsea Handler, Comedian, TV personality and Author

"Thank you Intraceuticals. When constantly travelling I get dehydrated and Intraceuticals is an absolute necessity to replenish my skin".

Naomi Campbell, Supermodel

“The treatments are a necessity before every major event."

Eva Longoria, Actress

"I use Intraceuticals oxygen skin treatments to hydrate my skin and give me that fresh, well slept glowing look before any performance or appearance."

Katy Perry, Artist

"Intraceuticals facials leave my skin glowing and radiant! Thank you."

Miranda Kerr, Victoria Secrets Model

"Travelling and keeping my hectic schedule can be exhausting, but an Intraceuticals treatment keeps my skin looking well rested and glowing. I can't live without it!"

Rachel Zoe, Fashion Stylist to the Stars

“Intraceuticals treatments do what no other product on the market can do! I’ve watched the look and feel of skin change right before my eyes. The treatments instant results make it a must have backstage at American Idol.”

Mezhgan Hussainy, Leading Makeup Artist American Idol

"After having one treatment,I realized that I can't live with out it!! With my schedule of traveling and working out, and sometimes a lack of sleep, I start feeling and looking a little worn out and this treatment puts the life back in my face. It's a miracle!!"

Bob Harper, The Biggest Loser USA Personal Trainer


How is Intraceuticals unique? 
Unlike other oxygen facials, which atomize or spray oxygen on the skin, the Intraceuticals Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen System uses therapeutic oxygen under hyperbaric pressure to infuse a special serum of hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants and amino peptides to the skin. Re-hydrated, plumped up skin in less than an hour will set this treatment apart from any other facial treatments.

Why is Intraceuticals the most famous of all the oxygen facials?
Intraceuticals is more than just a facial; the combination of oxygen under pressure and modified hyaluronic acid creates a visible result you can instantly see and feel. Additionally, the application of pressurized oxygen increases the absorption of the infusion which helps the skin retain hydration and moisture. Once hydration is balanced your skin will look and feel healthier and more vital.

What does Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen mean?
Hyperbaric simply means the therapeutic use of oxygen delivered at above normal pressure.

Why is oxygen used topically?
Oxygen is a natural bactericide (destroys anaerobic bacteria) and helps cool and calm the skin. Intraceuticals uses oxygen under pressure to enhance the skins absorption of the famous Intraceuticals serum.

How is oxygen applied to the skin?
When the tip of the Intraceuticals Oxygen Infuser is held at a 90 degree angle, 1mm or less from the skin's surface, an oxygen “pressure bubble” is formed which increases the saturation of the external skin tissue (epidermis). This pressure also assists in the rapid absorption of the Intraceuticals Infusions.

What does Infusion mean?
An Intraceuticals Infusion refers to the process of applying a hydrophilic (water loving) serum containing hyaluronic acid technology to the skin. Based on research originating in Australia, Intraceuticals identified a new, modified form of hyaluronic acid; this special type of hyaluronic acid has the same proven moisture binding benefits as traditional hyaluronic acid but because of its lighter weight, has the ability to target the skin where it not only deeply hydrates but also helps stimulate collagen synthesis. Additionally, it draws or carries other active and beneficial skin specific ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals and amino peptides to the skin.

Which skin conditions benefit from Intraceuticals?
Intraceuticals treatment serums help increase the skin’s moisture levels and target dry, dehydrated and prematurely aging skin, sensitive skin, sun damage, brown spots, skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, post inflammatory pigmentation and problem skin conditions. This treatment is also famous world-wide in physicians offices as a great post-procedure healing tool for the skin.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?
Hyaluronic acid is your body’s natural moisture factor and the ability to retain and hold moisture is the secret to youthful, healthy, vibrant skin. As we age, our bodies produce less hyaluronic acid which is thought to be one of the leading causes of skin aging.

Why does Intraceuticals use Hyaluronic acid?
Intraceuticals has led the industry for years in new hyaluronic acid technology.  The Intraceuticals serums utilize hyaluronic acid in different weights and forms to balance and support healthy skin function.

What is light weight Hyaluronic Acid?
Light weight hyaluronic acid is the smallest and most easily absorbed form of hyaluronic acid. This special fast acting form of hyaluronic acid is the foundation of all Intraceuticals treatments. It naturally binds moisture within the skin and helps balance skin moisture levels for long lasting hydration. It also helps to increase skin volume from within, smoothing and softening fine lines and wrinkles. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and redness reducer and significantly reduces the formation of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Intraceuticals special hylaronic acid also cools and calms skin and actively draws other beneficial skin ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin and increases absorption of all active ingredients.

Are there any contraindications to an Intraceuticals Infusion?
The modified hyaluronic technology will enhance absorption of all ingredients applied to the skin before or after an Intraceuticals infusion. For this reason – chemical peels should not be applied immediately before an Intraceuticals treatment. Additionally, unpredictable ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinols and Hydroquinone should not be applied immediately before or after an Intraceuticals Infusion. Please wait 24-48 hours before re-introducing AHA’s, Retinoic acid, or Hydroquinone to your home care regimen.

Why do Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists use Intraceuticals in their protocols?
Intraceutical's physician accounts use the Rejuvenate serum on laser ablated skin (non-intact skin) for skin recovery purposes. The Rejuvenate Infusion is often recommended by physicians as a calming, cooling skin treatment post Fraxel, ProFractional and post IPL, or 5-7 days after a deep peel treatment. So this is a great treatment to soothe skin after a medical procedure, sunburn, chemical peel, etc.

Is it proven safe? 
Intraceuticals Infusions can be used on sensitive, sensitized, and rosacea prone skin conditions. May also be recommended as a cooling calming treatment for post sun and wind exposed skin conditions.

Can I use Intraceuticals treatments and products if I am pregnant or lactating?
Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals are not tested for reproductive toxicology and Intraceuticals has not been tested. It is a personal choice between the client and her physician if any products should be used during pregnancy. Clients should refer to physician for this answer.

Is Intraceuticals tested on animals?
No, the products are not tested on animals.

How does Intraceuticals differentiate itself from the competition?
Our competitors focus on the benefits of oxygen and typically atomize or spray oxygen on the skin as the main treatment protocol. Oxygen sprayed into the air is immediately reabsorbed into the air. Intraceuticals applies oxygen under light pressure and in a very specific manner to infuse our proprietary hyaluronic technology directly to the skin. It is the combination of oxygen under pressure and hyaluronic technology containing vitamins, antioxidants and peptides that provides such remarkable and instant results.