Brazilian Rainforest Body Treatment - $115

Add a full body microderm for an additional $80

From the vast botanical diversity of the Brazilian Rain Forest, honeybees collect the raw materials to produce propolis. Propolis, a resinous substance naturally high in antioxidants, is effective in building immunity toward viruses, infections, burns and other harmful agents. Propolis dramatically improves the health and radiance of the skin. In this innovative treatment, warm propolis is massaged deeply into your skin. A light scale massage is performed while your body absorbs this magical remedy. To complete this restorative treatment, warm coconut milk is massaged in for amazing healing and moisturizing results. 75 minutes.

Expresso Limon Body Slimming Wrap - $125

Add a full body microderm for an additional $80

Add a mini facial including a deep cleansing, mask and customized serum application for an additional $20

Treat your body like a temple with this detoxifying and firming treatment, guaranteed to leave your body looking sleek and smooth. This treatment begins with a body brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification and then an exfoliation with Epicuren's Citris Herbal concoction. Your body will then be covered in a European inspired Espresso Limón Slimming Oil formulated to purify and tone the body. While you are wrapped up for 20 minutes,  you can choose to add on a mini facial for $20. This luxurious treatment will keep your body looking fabulous all year round. 75 minutes.

Pumpkin Spice Body Peel Treatment - $120

Add a full body microderm for an additional $80

Simply delicious! This aromatic peel contains Pumpkin Extract and Malic Acid to smooth away any rough areas of skin and restore a youthful complexion. A Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub will melt into your skin, sealing in the properties of the peel and quenching any dehydration. While wrapped in a warm cocoon, you will enjoy a luxurious scalp treatment. This unique treatment will reveal soft, glowing skin. 75 minutes.

Full Body Microdermabrasion & Enzyme Lotion Application - $100

With our special body wand, we will microderm your feet, legs, glutes, stomach, back, arms, hands and shoulders to get rid of dead skin and stimulate collagen rebuilding and firmness. We will then apply Epicuren's famous After Bath Lotion in your choice of aromatherapy options. This lotion won "Best Anti-Aging Body Lotion" in 2016 because it helps to speed up cell renewal and make skin tighter and smoother. 30 minutes.

Back Facial with Microdermabrasion - $100

A great choice for those that want to look as good saying bye as they do saying hi! Get your back healthy and glowing with a full facial and microderm especially for the back! Customized cleansers, masks, serums and lotions will be blended just for you during this relaxing treatment. Great to prepare for beach trips and special events! 60 minutes.

Back Peel and Microdermabrasion - $130

This treatment is a great choice for those with acne, pigmentation, scarring or dry skin on the back.  After a thorough cleansing, we will do a microdermabrasion with our special body wand. Your skin will then be ready for multiple layers of PCA acid blends which we will pick just for you. 30 minutes.

Ear Candling - $50

An ancient therapeutic method of removing inner debris through a natural vacuum, this simple and time proven therapy can be very effective in removing excess wax blockages from the ear canal. A wonderful side effect is deep relaxation, as it stimulates the anti-stress acupuncture point in the auditory canal. In centuries past, the natural therapy of ear coning was reserved for royalty and renowned warriors in ancient Egypt and China. This relaxing and soothing treatment is performed to relieve pressure in the sinuses, wax buildup, and inner-ear blockage to improve balance, hearing and allergies. Your treatment may also include a relaxing foot massage. 30 - 45 minutes.

Full Body Massage and Deluxe Facial Combo (with Stacey or Molli only) - $165

During this relaxing treatment, Stacey or Molli will begin with a relaxing Swedish-inspired (not deep pressure or clinical) massage on your back, neck, glutes, legs and feet. You will then flip over and your therapist will begin a deluxe Epicuren facial treatment focused on your skin's needs (including cleansing, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, mask, facial massage and application of serums, etc.). While your mask is on, they will then complete the massage on your anterior legs, feet, arms and neck. Prepare for a relaxed body and fresh, healthy skin that glows! 75 minutes.


Eyebrow Shaping: $18

Lip: $10

Lip & Brow: $25

Lip & Full Chin: $22

Full Face (includes nostrils): $50

Basic Bikini: $35

French Bikini: $50

Maintenance Brazilian (must be booked within 6 weeks of last appt): $55

Brazilian: $65

All waxing treatments are with Molli Collins.

Molli Collins

Molli Collins