"Love, love, love staceyO studiO - Massage & Esthetics ! Stacey Overstreet is the best at taking the dirt & grime of the world off your face AND mind!" Marcia R.


"Just booked another facial with Stacey Overstreet at StaceyO Studio. I started going to Stacey because she uses the same Epicuren products I fell in love with at the Grove Park, but Stacey's facial far surpassed that of GPI. In addition to working wonders with my skin, she also erased a week's worth of stress and anxiety in her session. Can't wait until my facial next week!" Sydney H.

"Hey Bridget! Received several compliments on my skin- someone even said my skin was radiant! Thank you so much for all you have done for my skin and the emotional support as well! It scares me to think what it would look like if I didn't have you! Thanks again and I'll get in touch with you about coming to see you again soon!"  Emily S.

"Like all the best aestheticians, Stacey is about long-term skin care and results. (Beware the one who isn’t. Every facial should be customized to an extent. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skin. Or anything, really.) If the Shop Tart believed in such things - which, okay, she kind of does - she would say Stacey had a lovely aura. A trip to her studio will leave you prettier, happier and feeling more serene than when you arrived. How about that?" The Shop Tart

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"Good morning, Bridget! I know you're probably tired of me saying this but from the bottom of my heart thank you so much.  I woke up this morning with flaking around my mouth area and it seems as though the hyper- pigmentation part "flaked away" on one side and it lools like MY skin again! ️The hyper pigmentation made me insecure but now I'm so ready to go to work! Happy Friday! Christian S.

"Stacey ROCKS MY FACE OFF in the best way! She makes an old face look new again and whenever I leave her I feel younger and cuter and I want to go dancing! She is the best Esthetician, she is knowedgeable, professional and she uses only the best products...not to mention she is super fun." Emily M. 

"When I decided I wanted to stop taking meds for my acne, I decided to try a facial. Having never had a facial before, I was concerned that as a Black woman, no one but a Black person would know how to deal with my skin. I kept walking by Stacey O StudiO and decided to go on her website and see what she offered. I gave her a call. The rest is history. I am a regular now. I SO look forward to my sessions with Stacey. Not only is she the sweetest soul - I am truly pampered and feel wonderful when I leave her table. My skin is fabulous (getting better and better). I still have a breakout or two – but they are MUCH smaller in size and don’t last as long. To say I am a fan of hers is an extreme understatement. Make the time; find the money to experience Stacey O Studio. You won’t be sorry!"  Genevieve S.

"Just had ANOTHER Red Carpet Facial.... :) ....if you have not had one yet, you HAVE GOT TO TRY IT.....it does wonders for your skin and the Epicuren products are amazing! Stacey, thank you so much for the great job that you do and for bringing these great products and treatments for everyone to enjoy!!" Amy G.

"I have been delighted by the significant improvement in my skin following regular microdermabrasion treatments by Stacey. Her expertise, technical skill and professionalism are impressive. I now have fewer wrinkles and fine lines, a more even skin tone and an over-all fresher look. Her services are an excellent value. When you look younger -- you feel younger! Thank-you, Stacey!" S. Harding, M.D

" My eyebrows are the BOMB Stacey~~ THANKS a bunch for making me look great" Catherine S.

"Stacey is vivaciously caring and compassionate." Michael G.

"Stacey brightens any room she is in. You know you found what you're looking for as soon as she begins to do her thing. Look all you can, you'll never find another Stacey Overstreet." Elan S.

"Stacey's hands will melt away the stress! Just last week, I received an AMAZING massage from her!!! It reminded me a massage I received in Italy at a high-end spa." Shana A.

"I just experienced a one hour massage from Stacey O Studio, and I feel better than I have in weeks. In fact, it was so great, afterwards I got on the treadmill and ran faster than I ever have, with much less pain in my knees and back. Thanks Stacey O." Amy M.

"I can say without reservation that Stacey has given me the best, most luxurious, most relaxing facials and massage that I have ever received in my lifetime!!! I soooo look forward to my appointment every three weeks." Kathy E.

"Stacey O! Thank you so much. I will be there every week for a massage and I'm telling everyone that you are the best!" Jimmy P.

"I am so glad I decided to pamper myself at staceyO studiO. My skin has never felt so smooth! After a visit with Stacey, you feel like you have been hanging out with your best friend while enjoying a very relaxing and refreshing skin treatment." Melanie T.

"Like most people, I have noticed myself slowing down a bit as I get older. Most of my problems could be blamed on a couple of very tight hamstrings. I had never had a massage before and thought I would try it. Stacey did wonders for my hamstrings. One hour and they have not tightened up since. I highly recommend giving Stacey a try. Thanks again, Stacey." Chris E.

"If you need a great massage, awesome facial, microdermabrasion, chemical peel or wax you need to check out Stacey Overstreet with StaceyO Studio! She is freaking AWESOME and has turned my skin around in time for my wedding. She cares about what your goals are and makes you feel AMAZING!!" Amy G.

"Stacey O. is a fantastic little esthetician's oasis that I highly recommend visiting. She is results driven, but doesn't feel a need to beat up your face to get you looking fabulous and I couldn't have been more impressed by my experience with her. She is incredibly warm and knowledgable, uses amazing products (but doesn't try to sell you on them), and gives great practical advice for keeping your skin looking as good as it will when you walk out of there after one of her facials. Go -- you won't regret it." Lis F.

"I’ve had lots of facials in my life… but Stacey Overstreet was the first aesthetician that actually took the time to look at my face and recommend the best treatment for me… I had my first microdermabrasion at staceyO studiO and couldn’t believe how my skin glowed! Thanks Stacey!" Wendy H.


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