Massage Therapy in Columbia, SC

Your massage will include the extras
without the extra charges. 

A personalized massage experience with soft lighting, peaceful music, hot towels, aromatherapy and gentle to deep pressure at no extra charge.  Choose from a variety of Epicuren® massage lotions and oils which replenish and hydrate your skin. Their award-winning massage lotions turn your massage into a body treatment for the skin and consistently receive world-wide attention for their anti-aging benefits, which include increasing cell turnover, hydrating, firming and smoothing the skin. Aromatherapy options include lavender, kukui nut coconut, rose, orange blossom, rosemary and papaya pineapple. Your therapist may also choose Epicuren's Arnica Relief lotion to get extra deep into the muscle tissue. Want to focus on a particular trouble spot? Just say the word... 

Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are a variety of benefits that come from massage therapy, including the ability to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve circulation and boost the immune system. Studies show that massage also improves posture and sleep and accelerates the healing process from injuries.

Please Contact us for Massage Therapy & More

Are you looking for a massage therapist? Are you feeling stressed out? Do you have high blood pressure? Stacey O. Studio provides massage therapy for Columbia, SC. Please contact us to learn more about our massage therapy.

120 minutes - $160
90 minutes - $125
75 minutes - $95
60 minutes - $75
30 minutes - $50
Prepay for 5 massages, get the 6th free!

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Meet Our Massage Therapists:

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"My massage with Stephanie was PERFECT! I'll be back!"

Robert Z.

"Just last week, I received an AMAZING massage at Stacey O. Studio!!! It reminded me of a massage I received in Italy at a high-end spa."

Shana A.

"Please tell McKenzie that I feel better than I have in a really long time! So glad I was able to turn my treatment into a 90 minute treatment after I realized how awesome she was!"

Mary L.

"I just experienced a one hour massage from Stacey O Studio, and I feel better than I have in weeks. In fact, it was so great, afterwards I got on the treadmill and ran faster than I ever have, with much less pain in my knees and back. Thanks Stacey O."

Amy M.

"I can say without reservation that Stacey and her team have given me the best, most luxurious, most relaxing facials and massage that I have ever received in my lifetime!!! I soooo look forward to my appointment every three weeks."

Kathy E.

"Stacey O! Thank you so much. I will be there every week for a massage and I'm telling everyone that y'all are the best!"

Jimmy P.

"I went in today for a 1 hour prenatal massage with Stephanie and it was fabulous!! I'm 32 weeks pregnant and it was just what I needed!! I will definitely be recommending this place and will definitely be rescheduling ASAP! I was greeted and welcomed by Stacey and Stephanie who both have upbeat personalities and take pride in what they do. I must note that this appointment was a surprise from my husband and it was already paid for when I called to schedule just this past Saturday. The convenience of not having to keep up with a gift card or certificate was awesome but even more amazing that the customer service is by far the best I've experienced in a massage studio❤️ I contacted Stacey and from the first conversation she made sure my experience would be a great one. I'm so glad I have finally found a place for good pampering here in Columbia! Thank you Stephanie and Stacey for the great experience and I can't wait to come back."

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